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Kashiwa Acting Cram School

This year on July 25th, acting coach Bobby Nakanishi led the first Kashiwa Acting Cram School. He not only teaches acting but gives everyone the key to confidence. After the first few minutes, I immediately wanted to join the students.

Most of the participants are high school students and over half of them want to shoot for the moon and become professional actors. Bobby, with his years of experience teaching professionals, leads our young actors on the right path and brings them a step closer to achieving their dreams.

Kashiwa Acting Cram School consists of ten lessons, one lesson each week. This is a rare opportunity for all the participants because they’re getting free lessons from a professional acting coach. The students are typically members of their school’s drama clubs, but I think they can still learn many new techniques and approaches from Bobby, who knows all the little secrets about the acting industry.

Bobby Nakanishi

Let us go over the first week’s lesson. I observed the Kashiwa Acting Cram School on its first Thursday night at Kashiwa Culture Hall. When I arrived, all the participants were already there and ready to go.

I was only allowed to take pictures during the opening ceremony, so I’ll try my best to explain the actual lesson with words.

Mr. Nakanishi is a good speaker

The lessons started with everyone sitting in a circle on stage. The self-introductions went beyond just names and included motivations for joining, future dreams, and job prospects. I was happy to see so many young people with big hopes and dreams.

Everyone put the chairs aside and started walking around on stage. The first exercise was to walk naturally and extend greetings to every bypasser. Bobby asked the students to adopt different walking styles, from relaxed and friendly to uptight and arrogant. He wanted the students to feel how their attitude changed based on their body language. Walking very stiff resulted in everyone clearly enunciating “Konnichiwa!”. Relaxed walking resulted in words being half cut-off. “Konnicha!”

In the next exercise, everyone formed a circle again. One student at a time started walking towards a person of their choice. The student had to say the name of the person they were walking towards. Once the name was said aloud, that person started walking and repeats the process. Everyone walked slow, without much power in their voices at first. Bobby was not satisfied with this and motivated everyone to be more energetic. An actor on stage must talk loud enough to be heard throughout the audience. Being confident is as important as remembering the correct lines.

This practice is also a test of the working-memory. Repeating this practice, a couple of times, Bobby added other features. The students had to act out different emotions, such as love and hate, towards their partners.

I was in the drama club in middle school. If my teacher would have been motivating like Bobby, I might be a big movie star by now…

just kidding!

Date of coverage: 25th July 2019

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Coverage・Writing・Pictures:Malte Detjens

Hey! I’m Malte, the weird Germany guy. I moved to Kashiwa at the end of 2012 and have been living here since.

Graduating from Reitaku University in 2018, I entered the University of Tokyo’s graduate school to do some additional research.

I absolutely fell in love with the kind people of Kashiwa. Everyone welcomed me with open arms, and I got financially and emotionally saved more than once. Through my articles and pictures, I try to show everyone what kind of beautiful place Kashiwa can be.

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