City Report 1: Build a Park


UDC2 (Kashiwa Urban Design Center) built KIDIYS PARK, Kashiwa’s hand-made park, on Sunday with the help of volunteers and school children.

Children and adults worked together to build a playground for everybody.

DIY is fun for the local children

Participants included children from elementary schoolers to high schoolers. The important thing was to have fun and create something together.

It was not just about working. Having fun along the way was the most important, of course. In the heat, the children cooled their heads by playing with hand-made bamboo water pistols.

A local man makes handmade stilts

These tree stumps make for a perfect spot to sit down and stretch your legs.

The final step was the long artificial green to make the area more park-like.

After a long day, the children had big smiles on their faces.

I took the group picture, and everyone looked satisfied with their hard work.

Date of coverage: June 18th 2019

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Coverage・Writing・Pictures:Malte Detjens

Hey! I’m Malte, the weird Germany guy. I moved to Kashiwa at the end of 2012 and have been living here since.

Graduating from Reitaku University in 2018, I entered the University of Tokyo’s graduate school to do some additional research.

I absolutely fell in love with the kind people of Kashiwa. Everyone welcomed me with open arms, and I got financially and emotionally saved more than once. Through my articles and pictures, I try to show everyone what kind of beautiful place Kashiwa can be.

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