City Report 7: Library Festival


The 12th Kashiwa Library Festival engages their visitors with different events along with chances to learn and experiment. Take home free books at the Book Recycle Bazaar or relive the moon landing at Kashiwa Planetarium’s Apollo exhibition.

By the time the festival started at 10 am, people were already line up outside the library, ready to hunt for their favorite book. When I arrived at around noon, there were still tons of books left, and I even took some pictures books back with me for the information center.

The first floor of the library looked the same as always, but people buzzed around the second floor. The workshops organized by the planetarium seemed to be a success, with many children and parents participating. The children build mini planetariums, small lightboxes with their favorite zodiac signs decorating the outside. The workshops were free, and the children could even take their boxes home. Adults enjoyed the exhibition about the Apollo program, which celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Original newspapers from 50 years ago celebrated the success of the first moon landing.

If you are at the planetarium, why not brush up on astronomy?

Eager to visit the planetarium? Visit Kamon and pick up the latest schedule.

Date of coverage: October 26th 2019

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Coverage・Writing・Pictures:Malte Detjens

Hey! I’m Malte, the weird Germany guy. I moved to Kashiwa at the end of 2012 and have been living here since.

Graduating from Reitaku University in 2018, I entered the University of Tokyo’s graduate school to do some additional research.

I absolutely fell in love with the kind people of Kashiwa. Everyone welcomed me with open arms, and I got financially and emotionally saved more than once. Through my articles and pictures, I try to show everyone what kind of beautiful place Kashiwa can be.

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