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Whiskey and Cocktail Festival 2019

Kashiwa Whiskey and Cocktail Festival 2019 Video

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The from 2011 to 2017 yearly celebrated “Kashiwa Whiskey Forum” is reborn this year in a new form. Emerge yourself in the world of special cocktails and delicious drinks at the “Kashiwa Whiskey and Cocktail Festival 2019”. Try and re-try as many cocktails as your heart desires, open your body and soul to new sensations, and enjoy the company of good friends, new and old. Appreciate the small treasures life has to offer.

Gather at Kashiwa no ha
I live in Kashiwa no ha, and many other foreigners studying and working at the University of Tokyo and Chiba University might live there as well, but for the Kashiwa resident it might be something special to experience the wide and open roads and spaces in Kashiwa no ha. The Whiskey and Cocktail Festival offers a perfect opportunity to come to Kashiwa no ha, and at the same time go shopping at lalaport, or visit one of the parks in the area. At first, I wasn’t sure how many people would attend the event, but entering the main hall, where all the magic happens and an “unlimited” ammount of cocktail tasting awaits, I was surprised by all the people. The room was packed, and it was hard to navigate around, especially closer to the main stage. Over 350 people attended the event, and organizers have to think about organizing a possible different venue for next years event, something that came faster then expected.

♪What shall we do with a drunken reporter♪
Don’t worry about what drink to choose, because all cocktails are all-you-can-drink. “Am I supposed to drink on the job?”, I was concerned at first, but then I thought “without tasting anything, how am I supposed to write something?”, so in the end I tried almost every cocktail they offered and enjoyed the event to the fullest. I had 9 out of the 10 cocktails the different bars prepared, and that was just because the 10th was out already. The one I liked esecially is the one below.

「Bar Platバー プラット/Cozy bar Triasコージーバー トリアス」の「pastoral(田園風景)」

Each bar from the Kashiwa area had a small booth where they prepared special cocktail samples for the guests to try. Once buying the entrance ticket, all the cocktail samples are all-you-can-drink. From my laymans’s point of view, there were basically three different types of cocktails ready for everyone to endulge in. Sweet cocktails, cocktails with a strong alcoholic taste, and coffee flavored cocktails. Normally, I would prefer a sweet sparkling cocktail with fruit flavor, but this time I was swept away by the delicious taste of the coffee flavored cocktails, even though I never drink coffee (maybe once or twice a year). Delicious cocktails are once thing, watching bartender mixing the cocktails is another. The exclusive feeling you can only experience at a cozy bar, where a cocktail is especially made for you and no one else. This event also offers a perfect opportunity for people to have a chat with bartenders from different bars at one spot, and talk about the finer things in life.

Cocktail Competition
One more part of the event to focus attention on is the cocktail competition. 5 professional bartenders entered the competition this year trying to woo the judges as well as the audience with their special cocktails. Using mostly Kashiwa grown ingredience, the bartenders let their imaginagine take over, grasping this chance to demonstrate their suffisticated skills. White and green were this years colors, and many cocktail embraced a health oriented concept. The smoothie like cocktails using locally grown spinach looked especially good. Of course, everyone had the chance to try even the competition cocktails later on, but since the amount was limited and everyone was eager to taste, it turned into a little battle to snatch a sip of these exclusive creations. Since I’m a friendly pacifist, I went empty handed this year. Maybe adapt a more agressive stance next time?

The Spirits of Communication
“Only children and drunken people tell the truth”, a germany proverb says. I didn’t find anyone that drunk, but everyone appeared cheerful, as alcohol definately losens personalites and lets people relax more than usual. I was drinking a little, and so did the people I talked to, making for a much more friendly, fluent, and interesting conversation. 350 whiskey and cocktail lovers gathering at the same place, enjoying cocktails and each others company, simply having a great time. A chance to deepen existing relationships, or to create new ones.

Did you go?
People who attended this years event were lucky. I think this event has the potential to be bigger next year, but I hope it does not lose the charm it had this year. The somewhat confined space made it very personal, and Kashiwa no ha is a always a place worth a visit. I didn’ see any other foreigners this year, so I hope this article and by the power of word of mouth, next years event will gather a lot more attention from foreigners living in Kashiwa as well. Of course, we will inform everyone about new developments regarding next years event on our homepage, so be sure to check in regularly. For now, we can just wait and look forward to the next year.

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Hey! I’m Malte, the weird Germany guy. I moved to Kashiwa at the end of 2012 and have been living here since.

Graduating from Reitaku University in 2018, I entered the University of Tokyo’s graduate school to do some additional research.

I absolutely fell in love with the kind people of Kashiwa. Everyone welcomed me with open arms, and I got financially and emotionally saved more than once. Through my articles and pictures, I try to show everyone what kind of beautiful place Kashiwa can be.

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