Explore the City with Malte 8: World-Class Beans


This time, we delved deep into the work of work-class beans, drank too much coffee for our weak body, and replenished our spirit with some of the best chocolate you can find on the planet. Going to the Akebono area in Kashiwa, at “Ame no hi no Coffee” and “Tribal Cacao” you get bewitched by the magic of the best beans in the world. Lend me your ears and listen (or better lend me your eyes and read) to the two stories that are about to unfold. 


・The Coffee Story:「Ame no hi no Coffee」

・The Cacao Story:「Tribal Cacao」

Store Information

「Ame no hi no coffee」:

  • 住所:Kashiwa Akebono4−4−2
  • Tel:04−7196−6505
  • Hours:10:00〜19:00
  • Closed:Every Wednesday、Sometimes Thursday
  • URL: Am no hi no coffee

「Tribal Cacao」:

  • 住所:Kashiwa Akebono4−4−3
  • Tel:04−7115−9434
  • Hours:10:00〜19:00
  • Closed:Every Wednesday、Every 3rd Thursday of the month
  • URL: Tribal Cacao

Date of coverage: 12th November 2019

We accept no responsibility for any changes that may have occurred

Coverage・Writing・Pictures:Malte Detjens

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