29 Days of Love: Day Nine to Fifteen

This month, I will be featuring 29 different date ideas in Kashiwa! I`m not only focusing on Valentine`s Day because I`ve never been one for consumerism and I firmly believe that you should cherish your loved ones every day! Here are some great ways to spend time together, whether you`re on a first date, taking a break from the kids, or enjoying your golden years together!

Day Nine
Have a Nice Healthy Meal at Table Beet

I stopped by this restaurant with a couple friends last month and we were instantly in love with the comfortable rustic ambiance. Every single detail of the décor and the menu gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. This is an especially good place to go if you are just getting to know someone. They have a great selection of beverages and warm cooked meals as well as salads. They even have both vegetarian and vegan options! So, if you`re health-conscious or just looking for a different kind of restaurant experience, I definitely recommend Table Beet.

Day Ten
Shoot Some Pool at Kid

No, that wasn`t a typo and I`m not suggesting harassing children with billiard balls is a fun way to spend an afternoon. This billiard hall is actually called “Kid”. It`s a local place with a long history run by an owner who is extremely passionate about the sport and more than happy to help beginners get into it themselves. The place is cozy and they offer drinks, snacks, and alcohol. You can have a good time and help support the local economy.

Day Eleven
Check Out Kashiwa Planetarium

Kashiwa Planetarium is a cute little place run by local volunteers with a passion for planets. It`s typically open on weekends and may be your best chance to see the stars without leaving the city. For more on this, check out Malte`s article.

Day Twelve
Go to an event at Kashiwa Civic Culture Hall

The civic culture hall holds many different events and today`s event looks particularly interesting! The event is called “Yume Star: Singing and Comedy”. The performers, Yume Group, are famous Japanese enka singers and comedians who have been on tour throughout the country since October. Learn more about enka and laugh till your belly hurts with someone you care about!

Day Thirteen
Read and Drink Coffee at T-Site

T-Site is a small two-story mall that is filled to the brim with books and has a number of cafes and restaurants. All of the places inside seem to have the same theme: simplicity and oneness with nature. Trees are often featured in the designs of the shops with even Starbucks housing some very large trees inside their premises! There are lots of cozy corners to read in and they even host events from time to time. There`s also a classroom for children to go to if you wanted to drop the kids off and have an afternoon date. It`s a great place to visit for the introverts and the parents out there!

Day Fourteen
Soak Away Your Worries at Minori no Yu

I`ve saved the best for Valentine`s Day. I`m a big fan of super sento though, so I may be a bit biased. Nothing is better than going to a super sento after a stressful week. Both of you can take it easy at Minori no Yu. They have both indoor and outdoor baths, a natural hot spring, and a traditional wooden sauna available for you to use. Once you are done soaking in the bath, the two of you can meet up in the healing zone and enjoy the bedrock sauna, rock salt sauna, germanium sauna, and snow room together. Once you`ve gotten your rest, you can then go to the restaurants on site, get a massage, or even see a dance performance. Minori no Yu really has it all.

Day Fifteen
Split a Bottle of Wine at Jazz & Wine Bar Javin

Jazz & Wine Bar Javin has a very neat design. It looks like you`re in someone`s wine cellar, so it has this very speakeasy vibe to it. Quite fitting for a jazz bar I think! They have some dishes available, but the big draw here is the wine and music. There are some very difficult-to-find wines here. For example, as I was skimming through their photos, I saw a bottle of one of my favorite wines called “The Bean” that I haven`t actually laid eyes on in years. This wine is special because they use coffee barrels to produce it, which gives the wine notes of coffee. I`m not sure if they still have this wine available, but this should give you an idea about what kind of place Javin is. There`s a performance there tonight by Okada Akiko Trio, so why not stop by?


Hey guys! I’m Sydney, your friendly neighborhood foreigner! I moved to Japan in 2014, but I came to Kashiwa in 2019. Despite my name, I’m American not Australian.

When I first arrived in Japan, I was so relieved to find articles written by other foreigners about how to make my way in my new country. Now that I’ve been here a while, I’d like to share what I’ve learned as well and pay it forward.



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