29 Days of Love: Day Sixteen to Twenty-Two

This month, I will be featuring 29 different date ideas in Kashiwa! I`m not only focusing on Valentine`s Day because I`ve never been one for consumerism and I firmly believe that you should cherish your loved ones every day! Here are some great ways to spend time together, whether you`re on a first date, taking a break from the kids, or enjoying your golden years together!

Day Sixteen
Visit the Arcade and Take Some Purikura Photos

With the ease and accessibility of photo-editing programs, purikura has slowly faded out. However, when you take purikura photos, there`s still a rush in seeing how they turn out, trying to beat the clock, and handing your partner the reigns when it comes to the editing. Every time I take anyone out to see Japan, I make sure we hit the purikura machines. There`s something about holding the physical memory of your time together that makes you get the warm fuzzies. I love looking back at my photos and remembering the old days. You can freeze that moment in time when you take purikura photos, but note that not all game centers have purikura nowadays. The major ones, like Sega and Taito, are the places to go for that. It doesn`t have to end there either since there are plenty of other fun date activities in game centers too. You could play House of the Dead (my personal favorite), Mario Kart, or Taiko no Tatsujin. There`s always the classic crane games as well, where you can try to win your loved one a prize! For that, you might want to hit up Game Alpha and Godzilla. They have some pretty interesting prizes down there, including a giant isopod I`ve had my eye on. They also seem to be less busy than some of the other centers, despite the wide array of machines available for use.

Day Seventeen
Face your Fears at Kashiwa Shonan Yume-farm

Kashiwa Shonan Yume-farm is definitely a place for the thrillseekers out there. Many of the activities come with a hint of danger, as they`ll have you up in the treetops. There`s Sky Adventure, where you traverse rope bridges, zoom around on ziplines, and climb up cargo nets. They haven`t forgotten about the BMX folks or skateboarders either, as there are halfpipes, quarter pipes, rails, stairs, trails, and more! If you`re bringing kids along with you, there`s a place for them to play as well! Retired folks are very much accommodated here, as they offer senior discounts as well. If the thrills aren`t your thing, or you need a break from the physical activity, they have a barbecue area and even a public foot bath available for use. Get there from Kashiwa Station by taking the Kashiwa 25 Bus at Bay 4 and getting off at Tega Higashi Sho Iriguchi.

Day Eighteen
Try Some Craft Beer at The Life

I`ve been here a couple of times and I`m a big fan. The inside décor is very modern and comfortable with lots of little trinkets to look at. When the weather is nice, the roof is definitely the place to be. You have a perfect view of the sunset and you can watch the trains go by as you enjoy your time there. Of course, the main draw to The Life is the huge selection of beer. The brews available are mostly from Japan and Hawaii and every flavor note is meticulously detailed on their alcohol menu. There`s a great drink plan available where you can either have all-you-can-drink liquor or all-you-can-drink beer. However, the food options are also pretty appealing, with items such as roast chicken and the Life Salad as well as a separate barbecue menu.

Day Nineteen
Share the Most Important Meal of the Day at Eggs N` Things

As you may know, pancakes are not limited to breakfast. This is especially the case in Japan, where pancakes are considered more of a dessert. Located just inside Takashimaya Station Mall, Eggs N` Things is both convenient and delicious. While they are best known for staggeringly large pancakes, they also have eggs benedict, omelettes, French toast and Hawaiian cuisine. My personal favorite is the pancake dish topped with strawberries and macadamia nuts! While syrups are available at your table, I think they`re perfect the way they are. S++oplit some pancakes with your sweetie completely care-free!

Day Twenty
See a Movie at Movix Kashiwanoha

It`s still a bit cold, so what could be better than cozying up and watching a movie together? The movie theater MOVIX Kashiwanoha is located inside the shopping mall LaLaport Kashiwanoha. There are some pretty good movies out right now as well. The most promising movie by far seems to be Bad Boys For Life, which now officially holds the record for the best-performing January release of all time. I wasn`t even aware that they were bringing back the Bad Boys series, but this movie seems to be getting nothing but praise from reviewers and audiences alike. They`re even touting it as the best of the entire series, which is high praise for the third release in a series. If you`re not into action flicks, then perhaps Ford v Ferrari would be a better option. This movie tells the story of Ford and Ferrari`s race to…well, race. In the sixties, both companies were competing to build a better racecar. As far as Japanese movies go, the must-see this season seems to be AI Houkai. It`s a sci-fi/horror that takes place ten years into the future and predicts what could go wrong in an aging society where robots hold the role of caretakers. If you`re up for a challenge, this has the most interesting plot of all the movies out right now in my personal opinion.

Day Twenty-One
Go Bowling

There`s a reason that bowling is one of the most timeless date ideas. It`s not so physically draining, it doesn`t require a lot of money, and reservations are usually unnecessary. Furthermore, it`s a good bonding activity for you and your partner. You can chat as the pins are being set up and cheer each other on (or jokingly jeer at each other) as your ball rolls down the lane. Moreover, bowling alleys are often easy to find and Kashiwa is no exception. There are two different Young Bowl alleys near Kashiwa Station, a Round One alley in Seven Park Ario, and a Bowlapia in Toyofuta.

Day Twenty-Two
Catch the First Reysol Game of the Season

KKASHIWA Reysol is the heart and soul of Kashiwa, a city full of super fans. When the soccer season starts up, the city comes alive and everyone scrambles to get their hands on everything black and yellow. Rey-kun is even there to greet you after a long day at work as you go through the gates and acts as a nice meeting spot for anyone heading to the games. Sankyo Frontier Kashiwa Stadium is a 20-minute walk from Kashiwa Station or a 10-minute bus ride on the Nadogaya-bound bus at Bay 1. If you`re a Reysol fan, you`ll be happy to hear that Olunga (FW, No.14) has graced us with his presence for another year despite rumors stating the opposite. Captain Otani (MF, No.7) is still in it to win it as well. Other players to watch are Segawa (FW, No.18) and Esaka (MF, No.10). Go Reysol!


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