Take a bus (Kashiwa edition)(仮タイトルー柏にあるバスの乗り場、バス番号、行き先などを英語表記にしたものです。下書き用です。作成はマルテです。)

Take a Bus (Kashiwa edition)

Do you find it difficult to take a bus in Japan? I’ve been living here for 7 years already, but often buses still pose a big mystery for me. Kashiwa station has two big exits, the East Exit and the West Exit, both in turn have buses leaving from different bus stops. Even if you can find your correct route with google maps, sometimes it is hard to even find the correct stand from where your specific bus leaves. To help you out at least a little bit, we have translated the available bus information for you.

Find all the buses leaving from the East Exit and the West Exit below. We show you the correct stand for your bus, the correct bus number, and the destination for each bus.

※Click each table to zoom in※

If you still need more detailed help, think about giving us a call or drop by the Kashiwa Information Center.

If you have trouble reading Japanese, be sure to set our website to English at the bottom.

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